Terms and Condition | custom.ph
  1. Definition
    • 'Custom.ph' refers to this site, and excludes any shareholder, owner or operator.
    • 'File' to the document images uploaded by the user to Custom.ph and printed on the printer Custom.ph.
    • 'User' refers to individuals who upload, have uploaded, or access files from Custom.ph.
    • 'URL' refers to the location of each file located on the Custom.com server.
  2. Terms of Service
    Custom.ph reserves the right to delete or update uploaded files, and is not responsible for missing pages or incorrect placement of file URLs. If you use the Custom.com service, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to be responsible for all activities that occur on your account or password. In Custom.ph, the following file types are the user's responsibility and may not be uploaded under any circumstances:
    • Pornography. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Images depicting genitalia, nakedness, or matters relating to the above.
      • Files that are illegal and / or a violation of the law of the Republic of the Philippines.
      • Files that violate the copyright of any entity including the user.
      • Images that intend to harass or spam, or promote something for commercial gain.
    User has no right to distribute uploaded files.
  3. Privacy
    All information provided by the user is confidential. Custom.ph reserves the right to distribute information provided by the user, but will never provide any personal information about the user without permission. However, Custom.ph reserves the right to provide user information if the user has committed an offense, or has been declared unlawful, or if Custom.com views are necessary or appropriate. All files you submit to Custom.ph can be distributed across the entire Custom.com network, internet, and other media channels.
  4. Legal Policy
    CustomMarket Service Terms may be changed without prior notification. The user must ensure that the user has the rights to the uploaded file, and is ready to print and does not violate the terms and conditions of Custom.ph. Custom.ph is not liable in the event of later violations of uploaded and printed files, and will direct full legal responsibility for files uploaded to each user.
    The User agrees that the use of Custom.com services is entirely at the user's own risk. Customs Services is provided on an 'as is leased printer and carrier' basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied, constructive or legal. Custom.com does not guarantee the availability of the service and is entitled to change, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any function or feature of the Custom.com service. In no event will Custom.com be liable for any damages, directly or indirectly, incidentally, specifically, consequentially, or indemnification arising from the use of or inability to use Custom.com services or any content. This disclaimer applies without limitation for any damage or error, whether for breach of contract, or otherwise caused by performance failure, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, operational or transmission delays, computer viruses, communication disruptions, network changes or system outages , or theft, destruction, unauthorized access to, from, or use of any records.
  6. Compensation
    The User agrees not to involve Custom.ph from any loss, liability, claim, damage, and expense, including attorney's fees, arising from or relating to the content, use, or deletion of files or the use of any other features or services. This clearly includes:
    • the user is liable for any and all liability arising out of infringement or infringement of proprietary or copyright rights.
    • Any material is defamatory or unlawful contained in a file uploaded by the user.
    • Any material is defamatory or unlawful contained in the user's printed file.
  7. Maintenance
    Custom.ph may perform maintenance / repair if deemed necessary. The user acknowledges that such maintenance may require downtime. Custom.ph will try to give you prior notice unless something goes beyond the Custom.ph control limits.
  8. Contact
    For questions about Custom.ph, users can contact our Customer Care on days and hours

    Monday to Fridays - 9am - 7pm

    Saturdays - 10am - 5pm

    email - info@ custom.ph

    tel. # - 09054800160 / 09396209916