Combination Of Women Legging Pants Which You Can Use

Combination Of Women Legging Pants Which You Can Use - Who does not like the type of leggings pants? Pants that are generally worn for  sport has started mix with a variety of styles for all events. Appear using leggings make thigh shape more streamlined, and the resulting simple style, casual but still chic.

There are many various function of legging pants, especially women. But to integrate it appropriately, surely many of you who do not know the right way. Want to do a combination of fashion using leggings? Consider the following tips.

Combination Of Women Leggings Pants That You Can Use

All women must have and have been wearing leggings. This is because leggings pants have grown in terms of models, patterns and colors. We must be smart combining leggings with other clothing pants for good looking style.

  1. Combine with Oversized Tops Made from Knit : Leggings pants are most fitting when combined with a sweater that is much larger in size. This is a unified frontier that is the current trend, as it is similar to that often worn by artists on Korean dramas. In addition, you can also wear a white shirt before wearing a sweater. Clothes of this type suitable worn during the rain because it can warm the body.
  2. Legging and Mini Dress : Maximize your casual and sporty look with unified mini plain dress without a motive with leggings. Mix and match is guaranteed to make your style more appealing when hang-out with friends or just an afternoon walk.
  3. Pair with the Skirt You Got : Have a span skirt or a long unused mini skirt in your closet? Come mix with leggings and get a trendy chic look. Do not forget to wear oversized shirts that length sepinggul, guaranteed your appearance will be so hits. Another style you can try is to choose a hit of color between the skirt with the leggings you wear. This look can give a good retro impression.
  4. Wear Leggings with Short Pants : Who says the equivalent of leggings and shorts is not okay? Wear your plain leggings with a not-so-tight denim pants, and neutral colors like black or white. This look can make you look cool, fashionable, and super cool. 
  5. Sports Clothes and Leggings are Also Suitable : Because at the beginning of this leggings pants material is more suitable for sports, so do not hesitate to wear your leggings for jogging or gymnastics morning. Pair with a super big shirt top and make sure this shirt covers your bottom.
  6. Plain Tops and Patterned Leggings Also Okay! : Because of growing, now leggings are also available in various motifs, whether it is the motive line, flowers and so forth. Do not be afraid to look tacky when wearing leggings of this motif, because the key you just have to combine with fitting. For example, if you wear a leggings motif, make sure the boss you wear is plain without a motive to not seem crowded.