Your Gallon Water Does not Suit the Room Theme? Read This!

Your Gallon Water Does not Suit the Room Theme? Read This! - Whether it's the perpetrators of home industries or individuals who create a gallon cover with custom design, now it has become a decoration trend that is rife. But the more trend of gallon cover among the community, many housewives try to make their own gallon cover. There are good results but there is also a mess.

Galon cover design model is diverse, there are motifs with flowers, cartoon character motifs, superheroes, and there is also a gallon cover design that polos. In the market, gallon cover sold at a price that varies, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive price, and it all depends on the type and design model.

Make a Gallon Cover With Your Own Design

For those of you who want to try to create your own gallon cover, hereunder we give easy guidance:

Tools & Materials:

  1. 1 m Plain cotton cloth
  2. 5 m of patterned cotton fabric
  3. Felt fabric (flannel)
  4. Yarn
  5. needle
  6. Scissor
  7. Paper patterns
  8. Tape measure
  9. Yarn
  10. Wind foam
  11. Lime sewing

If some of the above materials have been prepared, then the next step there is the stage of manufacture.


  1. Create a pattern on the paper also in the form of a circle with a diameter of 28 cm and a rectangle with a length of 86 cm and a height of 36 cm. the long persei pattern is divided into three parts, 1 bag = 86 x 8 (for fabric) and 2 bags = 86 x 20 (for plain fabric).
  2. Trace the pattern on the fabric with the help of sewing chalk, and marked cloth scissors. eiiits do not forget to leave 1.5 cm to make in the campuh.
  3. Mix 3 pieces of rectangular fabric in order, style, plain, pattern.
  4. Put the wind foam under the quilt top (the rectangular fabric that has been united), anat the needle or basted so that the wind foam does not shift.
  5. Give a pattern on the quilt top with sewing lime and quilting pattern sewing. Quilting patterns according to taste, for beginners should choose geometric patterns for easier.
  6. Prepare fabric 3 x 450 cm, plain and style to be made frill, neci or sticks the side of the fabric, wrinkle cloth with sticks rarely. Attach the frill to beautify the gallon shirt.
  7. Put the circle pattern with rectangular pattern, first baste to get more neat result.
  8. Put the furing cloth on the bottom of the gallon shirt (the good part of the fabric meets the good part of the furing, the lower frill will be between the main fabric and the furing fabric) and the intruder on the top. Embed with needle to facilitate workmanship. or in a faster way, combine the main furing and fabric parts then in the obras.
  9. Make a pitch / App: (1) Draw the pattern on the paper, (2) Embed the pattern on the felt, (3) Cut out the felt fabric according to the pattern, (4) Wrap the felt fabric with a fistid puncture technique using a thread.
  10. Completed.


Easy, isn't it? If you do not want to bother with the above then you can try another alternative that is to create your own cover design and submit it to the manufacture of printing design such as