Why 'Now' is The Real Era of Fullprint T-shirt Trend?

Why 'Now' is The Real Era of Fullprint T-shirt Trend?

custom.ph - Bored with your t-shirts that are just mainstream like other's, want to have a different, want something colorful? Relax… Cause we now will present the shirt that became the latest model and much loved. Wholesale cheap wholesale shirts is a type of shirts that use the method of Full Print Prints to get stunning results.

Full Print Screen Printing is a technique whereby it is done thoroughly so that every part of the shirt can be printed even on the sleeve. The printing area is not limited to A2, A3 or A4 but the entire t-shirt.

Why 'Now' is The Real Era of Fullprint T-shirt?

While, for the manufacture of the material in advance in print with the design that has been made subsequently cut into the pattern. And then in sewing with a triple chain stitching so that the stitching is strong and precise. The shape is fitting and comfortable to use.

The material used is a type of Cotton Combet 30s. Cotton Combed has several variations like the 40s, 30s, and 20s. Kind of the 40s is the thickest so it is suitable for cold areas because the thickness is able to warm.

The slimmest 20s are usually used for underwear because the material is thin so it easily absorbs sweat. The 30s has a thickness that is not too thick and not too thin. So it is suitable for areas that have a tropical climate. The thickness is enough for everyday wear because it is not too thin so it does not show body shape.

Digital Printing Business Opportunity DTG Printers is a business in the field of fashion, especially printing full T-shirt prints that utilize DTG printer technology that is Direct To Garment printer (direct print to shirts).

With this technology, screen printing t-shirts become more practical and more personal. DTG shirt screen printing service itself is a new trend among shirts fans because it allows users to print t-shirts according to their wishes or in accordance with their design without having to have a minimum order. Thus, 1 T-shirt can be printed quickly and practically.

Therefore it is not wrong if we all take advantage of business opportunities digital printing DTG printer into business opportunities is quite interesting to do, given that to run this business you do not need to master the science of screen printing or master the science of design. Therefore, anyone can run a full print shirt business using this DTG printer.

In its development, DTG printer itself as the main engine in this business consists of 2 types of printers. Namely Printer DTG A4 and Printer DTG A3. The difference between the two is in the design field where the shirt will be printed according to each size. From the name, Printer DTG A3 for example can print shirts on dimensions of A3 size (29.7 cm x 42 cm).

Conclusion; Along with the development of this digital print shirt business, used printer machines are growing. From the category of DTG A3 printer itself is now available 3 types of machines that can be selected as needed. Such as; DTG BPJet A3 Super Printer, DTG BPJet A3 New Era Printer, and DTG BPJet A3 Transformer Printer.