Pillow, Supporting Well and Healthy Sleep

Pillow, Supporting Well and Healthy Sleep

Pillow, Supporting Well and Healthy Sleep

Sleeping is truly the best rest. To get a good quality sleep, besides the bed and the duration, the head pillow is also important. If function to get the neck and back are on their best position. Too low and too low pillow will cause an uncomfortable feeling when waking up in the morning.

The pillow quality depends on the material, the care, and how it is used. There are many pillows with expensive prices with somewhat rare materials. But it is useless if it is not accompanied by the knowledge how to use it well. This article focuses on the pillow use for health, the pillow materials, and an option for head pillow printing up to creating the custom full print head pillow cover.

Pillow Use for Health

When looking for any references what are the advantages of head pillow for sleeping, it is kind of socking that many of the result titles show the opposite. There are many have written that not using pillow while sleeping is better than using one. It is caused as when the pillow is not used, our bodies look its own comfortable position to get rest. The body is more relaxed without the pillow.

For you who are still loyal using pillow for sleeping, you need to know these 3 important information below about the use of pillow proposed by experts:

Too high pillow: bad

The use of too high pillow by stacking 2 or 3 pillows will make the head position higher than your body. The spine from the waits to head should be aligned but it goes up as the stacked pillows make the muscle pulled which end up getting body sore in the morning when waking up. Too high stacked pillow is not food for the health.

Too low pillow: bad

The use of a pillow that too thin makes the head position lower than how it should be. The spine up to the neck that should be flat goes down. The muscle is pulled as the same case as the too high pillow. The pain is unavoidable if you do not change it with the right pillow.

Right thick pillow: good

The ideal sideway sleeping position is when the spine up to the neck all on the flat line. Pillow with right height will make the bone relaxed and the sleep quality increased. Sleep with short duration but with a comfortable position and also sleep tightly is better than sleep longer but not really comfortable.

Those are some information about how the pillow thickness should be.

List of Pillow with the Best Materials


Nanofiber pillow is rare in the market. The expensive price makes it difficult being received by the society. Still, the quality is cannot be seen with the bird eyes. The texture is indeed solid but still giving a comfortable feeling and nice when it is worn. The thin fiber material with small holes causes the air flows well so there is no humid area.


Different from nanofiber, microfiber pillow has already much used. The material that has softness 100 times more soft than human hair is really nice. Thus, it is good for asthma sufferer as it has hypoallergenic character so it will not cause any allergic. This pillow does not need detergent to wash it so it is quite eco-friendly.


Pillow made of Dacron material has a good prop. Dacron now has been used as its support really nice for sleeping. The high quality material will have a bright white color with a swelling texture. The low quality one has a darker color and clot. However, the Dacron pillow that is old is indeed clot and the color gets darker. It can be tricked by release the Dacron our and comb it all so it get swelling then insert it again to the pillow.


Pillow made of latex material is the best. The size is small but it has a quality that is not possessed by other pillows. The holes on the latex surface make the pillow cool and nice. The comfortable support makes the body feel fresh and has no ache or sore in the morning when waking up.

Print Your Own Head Pillow Motif

The head pillow material are available many but unfortunately for the cover pillow should be just satisfied with what the producer offers. In fact, having pillow with our own favorite motif and color is fun. All this time probably the preorder system to buy the pillow cover from the motif catalogues is enough to answer what you need. By choosing one pillow motif in the catalog and order it then the item comes in a few days. But not there is custom head pillow cover printing available online.

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