Making Bag from a Sterile Fabric Without a Sewing Machine

Making Bag from a Sterile Fabric Without a Sewing Machine - An idea and creativity that is currently the trend is to make a wide range of handicraft products, such as bags. Handicraft products nowadays have been groped widely, and not a few of them are trying to open ideas and practice tutorials to make crafts.

This is certainly not without cause, because if anyone who can take advantage of handicraft products, then it means you have a great opportunity in the fashion business that saves this capital.

As you know, that the current fashion world is growing, whether it's fashion children, men's fashion, or women's fashion. If the general world of fashion rely on branded products famous and luxurious, then this certainly has become a regular for a fashion lover.

And what if the fashion world relies on handicraft products? Surely this is still a step thing. Because the capital of handicraft business is very sparingly and quite rely on ideas and creativity.

Create Your Own Design DIY Bag Ideas

There are many out there that reveal tips on how to make handicrafts easily like for example "making bags from used goods". Speaking of bag products, it certainly has many different functions and uses. And other than that the majority of products in use by this woman, it is again the trend-trend at this time.

And this is very, very handicraft business opportunity that is so profitable for you and anyone. Only with capital goods (which can easily be found anywhere) and then in the magic into a fashion product that has a fairly dominant price in the market.

How to make Easly your own design bag

As an inspiration, you can start making crafts in a simple way first. Once you are proficient will utilize used goods, then by itself you can develop according to ideas and creativity. Used Goods Which you can use as a bag maker among others.

Make a Bag from a Simple Sterile Fabric Without a Sewing Machine :

Tools and materials


  1. A thin wind foam for the inside
  2. Sewing thread
  3. Zippers
  4. Ornament bags, can ribbons, buttons, and others.

How to Make a Handbag from a Fabric Cloth ;

Create a handbag pattern on a paper first.

  1. Cut a patchwork to have the same size, then stitch it by sewing.
  2. Once the patchwork is put together into a wide sheet of cloth, the cloth scissors follow the pattern you have previously prepared. Extend about 2 cm from the pattern size to the crease.
  3. Put the wind foam on the cloth, then sew the sides of the sides.
  4. Create a rope using a patchwork, adjust the size to an existing pattern. Cover with wind, then sew and attach it to the bag.
  5. Attach zippers and decorative bags to beautify the bag you make.
  6. The handbag from the patchwork is ready for you to use.
  7. Finish.

This information on how to make your own design bag quickly and easily. May be an inspiration to all of us.