Look Feminine and Casual with Mini Dress

Look Feminine and Casual with Mini Dress

Look Feminine and Casual with Mini Dress

Mini dress has the same slogan as the mini skirt: wear it if you dare. If you are brave enough to wear a sexy item, just do it. Let all the eyes stare at you in awe, your long legs are made indeed to walk freely. Just picture that the corridor where you are walking as the catwalk and each pair of eyes looking at you as the audience in a fashion show. As the feminine vibe attracts the attention, not all women are really into it. Mini dress is obviously designed not for everyone but wearing it for a special time is fine!

Mini dress will be so gorgeous if it is worn in casual occasion. Wear it on Friday night or even on Saturday night when spending time with friends. Indeed all the mini things will make the air flow much more touching your body but some fashion accessories like pashmina, blazer, jacket, tuxedo, and scarves can cover and give the extra warm. Air conditioner in the car, moreover the one in the work place than cannot be controlled make the mini dress wearer feel it colder. Bring one of the mentioned fashion accessories to be used whenever you need it.

Mini dress becomes a must item to be hung on the wardrobe of each confident women. It can be an alternative when the fashion items worn everyday start to be monotonous. There are many to know when having a mini dress. Started from what important things to be prepared before wearing this dress up to the way to take care of it will be explained in the next section.

Things to be Prepared before Wearing a Mini Dress

Well preparation is half done work. To wear a mini dress, there are some things you cannot pass, they are:


Confidence is the first layer which should be worn by everyone. How stylish an item you wear is or even how expensive the price of will not be enjoyable if the wearer cannot feel the comfort. Throw your worry away and grow the confidence and bravery before wearing the sexy mini dress.

Mix and match

Mix and matching mini dress with other items only gives an opportunity with fashion accessories and top items. Blazer can be used as an outer to keep the warm and to grant professional impression. Choose a long pashmina to be used as shawl that will cover the upper body. You can also choose a real shawl with the same tone color for a sweet additional detail.


Details fashion accessories that can be used as a sweet additional when wearing mini dress are brooch, ribbon necklace, beads necklace, and enormous bracelet. Wear one of them. Remember the function is only as sweetener. Do not make it over.

Fit cut

The fit cut of mini dress is its own signature. How the determined and fashionable vibe can be radiated if the one you wear is too big. In fact, there is no one ever make oversize variant of it. It comes with the word ‘mini’, obviously it should fit the wearer body.


Motif becomes a nice detail for your mini dress appearance but it also can be a boomerang. Choose mini dress with floral motif and avoid small strip motif which make our eyes a little bit dizzy. If you want to wear strip motif, for you who has wider body need to avoid horizontal strip; for the slim body owners never try vertical strip motif mini dress. Having trouble finding one you like the most? Try order custom mini dress online!

High heels

High heels is highly recommended to make your body looks taller. A great motif from the mini dress, supported with the tall body by the high heels will surely give you many pair of eyes full of awe.

Taking Care of Your Mini Dress

Taking care of the many dress is not that complicated. Here are tips to take care of it:

  1. The washing process is just like other fashion items. First, soak it under detergent for about 10-15 minutes.
  2. Rub the item with hands. The washing process using machine is feared will damage the motif and the stitches of mini dress.
  3. Then rinse until it is totally clean without any white spot. Letting the white spot exist will make the appearance of the mini dress bad.
  4. Squeeze until the water volume inside the mini dress is less so the drying will be quick.
  5. Dry it off using hanger in reverse position, outside on the inside. Continuous sunlight exposure can damage the original color of the mini dress.
  6. Take the item in only when it is totally dried. Stopping the drying process when it is still humid will raise a musty smell when you iron it or even after it is stored.
  7. Iron it until really neat and store it folded or hung with hanger.

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