Crop Top Shirt for All of You Stunning Girl!

Crop Top Shirt for All of You Stunning Girl!

Crop Top Shirt for All of You Stunning Girl!

Crop top shirt or crop top t-shirt is a top item which is much loved now. Having and wearing it is a must so you are not outdated. Crop top comes in many colors and types so it can answer the girls’ needs. The information of types of crop top, how to mix and match, and a place where to print the crop top are all in this article. Read on fully till the end!

Types of Crop Top Shirt Sold in The Market

The fashion innovation never stops and always develops. That is why crop top shirt has many types with its each function. Below are some types of crop top you need to know:

Standard crop top

This crop top has no sleeve like tank top. Its enough high cut upper the waist become the uniqueness of crop top. It is a great item for relaxing in vacation, at home, or even hanging out with friends.

Crop top long sleeve

Crop top long sleeve is suitable for you who want to wear it but do not want to be really sensual. This shirt only shows your sexy belly with covered hands. It also can be worn by hijabi women by wearing it as an outer.

Crop top bra

For the ones who are brave enough, crop top bra is for you. Wearing it needs a high level of confidence. It also can be worn for working out, sure with the right material.

Those are above the types of crop top available in the market. Now you can have your own crop top with custom design and order it online.

Crop Top Shirt Mix and Match Tips

To make you look gorgeous and pretty with your crop top, follow these mix and match tips:

Flare skirt

Flare skirt with the flowery shape is truly suitable for giving a feminine vibe. Matched with the crop top bra, it will give you a sensual enough look. Open shoulder and a little bit exposed belly will make each pair of eyes that see you swallow their saliva witnessing your beauty. Wear a small accessory like bracelet as a sweetener.

Long pants

Either for a casual lounge or even for sport, wearing crop top made of cotton with training pant will make you look instantly sporty, lively, and active. Moreover the open on the shoulder and belly will make you not that fast getting sweats as the air circulation flow fluently to your body.

Short pants

Wearing crop top shirt with bottom short pants will release your youngster vibe. Play the colors with the same tone or even contrast, you will automatically appear stylish and trendy and sensual wearing this kind of outfit. Take a note that the short pants you wear could be a standard one or even one with high waist.


Who say that hijabi women cannot wear crop top? Crop top long sleeve that is matched with another covered attire will be suitable to be worn by them. You can wear mermaid skirt, base layer with cuff and cover all under the crop top.


Try to wear a blazer above the crop top you wear. With the same color tone long pants as the blazer, the edgy look will be radiated from you. All your body part are covered with the blazer and the long pants, while the exposed small of your belli will be the focus point that gives you a unique style.


One thing you cannot forget is confidence. Regardless how great or expensive the clothes you wear but if you do not feel confident it will be useless. When you feel rigid it will make people who see you feel the uncomfortable. That is why never leave your confidence.

That’s all some tips for mix and matching your crop top. Wish you find it beneficial. Sells Custom Full print Crop Top with Your Own Design

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