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Skort Skirt

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Size Material
XS (34 X 36 cm) PHP 600
S (35 X 37cm) PHP 600
M (36 X 38 cm) PHP 600
L (37 X 38 cm) PHP 600
XL (38 X 39 cm) PHP 600
2XL (39 X 39 cm) PHP 600
3XL (40 X 39 cm) PHP 600
4XL (41 X 40 cm) PHP 600
5XL (42 X 40 cm) PHP 600
Express Service (6 Working Days) +100 PHP

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside

*We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.



The combination of polyester, nylon and spandex with polyester material domination

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and look formal
  • Color glazed
  • Texture soft and slippery


100% polyester, because of the unique texture so that the texture is soft to the touch.

Material Specification :
  • Thin and transparent
  • Limp and follow the shape of body
  • The result is matte
  • The texture is coarse and slippery

How to Order

How to Order

  • For full print order, please download pattern that has been provided in drop down list below next to the size you want. (Make sure the downloaded pattern is newest pattern from us)
  • Using photoshop software, you can place your image into the pattern our provided.
  • Save as your file with .jpeg format and upload to your dropbox account.
  • Next you can proceed to order process with Order Now panel on the side.
  • The file size is relatively large, so you need photoshop application and dropbox to send us the pattern file.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in 09054800160 or email to .

Mockup / Preview Full Print

    Perhaps you have difficulty making a full print preview product both for reseller and order purposes, in this section we make it easy for members to be able to make a preview easily.

    Note: We only provide general steps to using a mock-up, for better results please experiment with our mockup.

    How to use the mockup :
  • Download mock up with PSD (Photoshop)
  • Open File mock up with Photoshop application on your desktop.
  • Insert your image layer design that reads "design here"
  • Click File-save for web and devices-select the JPEG-Done
  • You have finished creating mockup.
  • Skort Skirt
    Skort Skirt