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Size Material
Icon Cavali Draitex Axtatex
90cm x 90cm PHP 450 PHP 500 PHP 500 PHP 470
110cm x 110cm PHP 500 PHP 550 PHP 550 PHP 520
90cm x 150cm PHP 450 PHP 500 PHP 500 PHP 470
90cm x 200cm PHP 450 PHP 500 PHP 500 PHP 470

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside



Cavity rather large , textured with little elastic element

Material Specification :
  • Thin and not transparent
  • Stiff and follow the shape of body
  • The color is matte
  • Texture soft material on both sides and comfort to use
  • Smooth on both sides


Blend of polyester and spandex, has a flexibility of up to 5 % -6 %.

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick
  • Stiff and follow the shape of body
  • The color is matte
  • Texture soft material on both sides and comfort to use
  • Smooth on both sides


Silk Material is a kind of fabric woven using the technique of filament fibers that have a characteristic shiny surface and slippery only on one side of the surface. But inside of the part or behinde the part of surface smooth and shiny silk. This particular Silk is woven by sintetic fibers such as polyester, silk while using the natural fiber from silkworms. And the result, although both of material feel soft on the skin, silk has more surface flash and slippery. Because the material is shiny, so it will make user looks elegant when worn, making it suitable for party events such as weddings. The silk does not mean that the material silk fabrics is used when producing, but more due to silk material has a fine fiber and the light weight fabrics such as silk. Because the texture is quite slippery, it is recommended to use such inner hijab or headbands and hooked up with a safety pin.


Smooth, soft and suitable to use for pastel colors because the fabric textured is matte material. This fabric is often used as an outer layer on a formal suit that has effect floating on apparel.

Material Specification :
  • Thin and transparent
  • Easy and follow the shape of body
  • Matte and elegant
  • The texture is coarse material and slippery


Cavali Material is not glossy such as velvet, the material is more matte. So the impression of luxury and elegance still remain but not excesive. Cavali material more thicker than Velvet, it is almost look same, but if held will feel the difference. Comparison with the price Cavali materials are more expensive than velvet. Even the cavali materials softer and smoother than Velvet. So, do not choose because the low price, but because this type of Cavali material is more better and expensive.

Tutorial Simple Hijab

tutorial jilbab
  1. Wear your inner hijab well, make sure keep your hair inside the inner hijab
  2. Fold down the tip part and a little sharp, ensure symmetrical
  3. Use in the head, set the left and right part so it is look same
  4. Use the safety pin on the neck with your comfortability
  5. Pull the right side, pinning the pin on the shoulder, pinning the pin inside the shirt then hijab will not move
  6. Do the same thing on the left side
  7. If will look nice, pinning the safety pin under the hijab
  8. Well, Alhamdullilah hijab is ready now

How to Order

How to Order

  • For full print order, please download pattern that has been provided in drop down list below next to the size you want. (Make sure the downloaded pattern is newest pattern from us)
  • Using photoshop software, you can place your image into the pattern our provided.
  • Save as your file with .jpeg format and upload to your dropbox account.
  • Next you can proceed to order process with Order Now panel on the side.
  • The file size is relatively large, so you need photoshop application and dropbox to send us the pattern file.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in 09054800160 or email to .