When was the Start of Cardigan Trending Began? Read now!

When was the Start of Cardigan Trending Began? Read now!

custom.ph - Humans have known fashion from centuries ago. begins with simple clothes made of bark or animal skin. then along with the development of human civilization, then the way they dress even more changed and become better and better than ever. Humans began to recognize fabrics and created a more feasible shirt and more able to protect them from the weather.

Women fashion or men fashion always evolves according to the times. The fashion world is not easy to predict. Each generation, every decade, every year, and even each season has distinctive characteristics.

When was the start of cardigan trending start?

Cardigan is one type of clothing that is suitable for use in cold weather. This type of clothing is synonymous with knitted models and thin and thick wool materials. Cardigan is included in the sweater category. But unlike other sweaters, Cardigan has an open model in front.

The front of this outfit may consist of buttons or zippers. Cardigan is also one of unisex packs. Both men and women can use it. In fact, now the type of male cardigan more desirable than women. The number of demand in the apparel industry for male cardigan is increasing rapidly.

Historically, Cardigan was introduced by James Thomas Brudenell, a Lieutenant General of the British army who led a war on mainland Europe in 1984. The war was known as the "Crimean War"

As we already know about the origin of the development of the fashion world against the type of cardigan clothes above, it is no wonder apablia today a lot of men, especially women who want a fashion cardigan to meet the tastes of fashion.

From the cause of the need for the growing world of women's fashion, then many on the market that provides custom design for cardigan clothes.

For those of you who love the cardigan dress for all your fashion, then choose a place that provides your own design of cardigan clothes, this is the right choice for you. You can freely create cardigan designs by your own way.

Price Of Making Cardigan Own Your Design

For those of you who want to know how much the price for making their own cardigan design, below we show the references we quote from various sources:

For those of you who have size posture “S” (63 x 43 cm) the price ranges from ? 750.00 to ? 800.00.

But usually apply minimum order, and other available size is as follows:

  1. M (65 x 45 cm)
  2. L (67 x 47 cm)
  3. XS (61 x 41 cm)
  4. XL (69 x 49 cm)

Material design cardigan

Many custom design providers use different types of materials, but those that are often used in cardigan making are draitex.

Draitex is made from basic materials of cotton, silk and synthetic fibers. Draitex is very soft, smooth, almost transparent, has a slightly wavy texture and "falls" to follow body shape.