Custom Dakimakura Pillow: Hug Your Favorit Anime Character!

Custom Dakimakura Pillow: Hug Your Favorit Anime Character! - A pillow is a soft bag of some ornamental material, filled with wool, hair, feather, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, or even torn paper into fragments. It can be used to sit or kneel upon, or to soften the violence or stiffness due to the sheerness of the chair or sofa.

Pillows and carpets can be used for outdoor to soften hard ground. They can be placed on sunloungers and used to prevent distractions from moist grass and insect bites. Some dialects use the English word to refer to the pillow as well.

Dakimakura Pillows

Then what about the dakimakura pillow? Anime fans must be familiar with this unique Japanese product. Dakimakura pillows really fit to accompany the relaxing moments at home, and really nice to be hugged or used as a bolster, because its size is almost as big as humans. Curious? Just try it.

Custom Made Dakimakura Pillow

If you are interested in this Japanese big pillow you can make it easily by making your own custom design dakimakura pillow.

Where can you choose to custom design this Japanese anime pillow?

One answer exactly, yes only at Here you are anime lovers can create the shape and design of dakimakura pillow.

Price List Design Dakimakura Long Pillow.

Sold at an affordable price, big and long pillow from japan this could be a business opportunity for you. This is due to the many lovers of the anime world otaku.

In some states it is still difficult to find the sellers of dakimakura pillows. And while for enthusiasts almost throughout the state like this type of Japanese pillow.

Can not imagine, that how much profit can you get?

For the price you can find to buy your own design the dakimaKura pillow is from P 900.00 to P 1000.00, and this is valid for a minimum order at every price.

  1. To order the design as much as 5 s / d 19 pcs is worth @ P 1000.00
  2. To order the design as much as 20 s / d 29 pcs is worth @ P 950.00
  3. To order more than 30 designs that are worth @ P 900,000

Here we provide 3 materials that you can choose, including:

  1. Astatex = is a printed model of soft textured material on the outside and inside of the material.Print axtatex material model is convenient to use and can adjust the shape of the body model well because of the texture of the flexible axtatex material model.print model of axtatex material combination between Polyester model and spandex model, has a flexibility of up to 5% -6%.
  2. Hypoltex: Hipolytex has a soft texture for the skin on its inner side, and strong and elastic for the outer side, suitable for full print jacket material so comfortable to use for everyday activities in hot and cold weather with full jacket material Hipolytex.
  3. esteraga material: is glossy satin type with diagonal texture, Somewhat thick and not transparent, Somewhat stiff and fall not too follow body shape, Color is shiny and bright, Texture is slightly rough and hands feelingnya slippery.

What are you waiting for? Immediately take advantage of business opportunities long pillow of this japanese origin.