Newborn Baby Pillow and Bolster, How to Choose Them?

Newborn Baby Pillow and Bolster, How to Choose Them? - Having a newborn baby or a toddler makes us as parents naturally to be protective when taking care of them. Starting from the intake of nutrition into the body, treatment, until  the comfort of the baby's sleep, because sleep is the most important time for the baby, the moment when the growth hormone and baby's brain develops.

How to choose the best toddler pillow for your child?

Many people think that babies do not need to sleep on pillows, because it will be bad. In fact, it is not necessarily the case if Mother chose the right pillow and suitable for the little ones. Here are some tips for choosing the right and safe baby pillow for babies.

Do not Choose Pillows that are Too Thick

For us or adults, thick pillows are comfortable and make sleep feel more soundly, but it does not apply to babies. The use of pillows that are too thick potentially make your baby so difficult to breathe. Especially if the baby without us know sleeping on the stomach. In order for babies to sleep more comfortably, choose a small pillow that is thin and flat with the baby's body. It also can minimize the baby waking up that is is usually caused by overheating because the pillow is too thick.

Wrap Pillows with Soft Fabrics
Now there are so many funny pillowcases with extra knick knacks as decoration. However, it would be better if we choose a pillowcase of plain without any decoration. Because precisely the decoration can harm your child, for example, injuring his body. Of course we do not want it to happen is not it? To avoid it, choose a pillowcase made from soft.

Choose Pillows That Cause Not Allergic Baby
Usually some babies have allergies on certain things, no exception on the pillow sleep. Therefore, it is very important for us to know what allergies may be owned by Little.

Make sure Pillows Always In A Clean Condition

This one of course we should not miss at all. Just like other baby supplies and equipment, pillow cleanliness also should not escape our view. Make sure your child's sleeping pillow is always clean, free of dust and dirt. If necessary, clean the pillow frequently and change the pillow case regularly.

Don't Use Pillows In Wet Condition

Dont let your baby use the pillow in wet or damp conditions. Because it certainly interfere with its comfort. In addition, the wet pillow makes the pillow so easily contaminated by germs. For that make sure the baby pillow is always dry.

Those are some things that we must pay attention when choosing a sleeping pillow for the comfort of the baby. However, now Mother need not be confused again about the selection of the right sleep pillow and safe. Coming to Comfy Breathing Pillow, the newest product from Toddler.

Baby Sleeping pillow from Toddler This is the latest innovation that prioritizes sleep comfort of your baby. Comfi Breathing Pillow is made of microfiber material, so it has excellent air circulation.

It makes us not have to worry your little difficulty breathing during sleep. Because it is designed in such a way that your baby can sleep comfortably, even on his stomach though, your baby can still breathe as usual.