How (and when) to Choose The Right Breastfeeding Cover?

How (and when) to Choose The Right Breastfeeding Cover? - When you are forced to breastfeed in public area, put it in your mind if it is not a wrong action. In order to stay comfortable, choose a special breastfeeding kit and equipment that allows you to breastfeed in public.

FACT! Not a few moms are reluctant to give breast milk directly or breastfeed while traveling with a baby. The main reason to feel embarrassed and hassle opening and closing clothes when in public areas.

Breastfeeding in public areas is uncomfortable for some mothers. Especially those who have a shy personality. However, there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding or nursing a child while in public area.

Although in some places it is considered taboo, but support for breastfeeding mothers should still be built. If you are the one refuse to to breastfeed in public, there are now many nursing cover and apron suits with a trendy model and make it easier for mom while breastfeeding, especially when traveling.

How (and when) to choose the right breastfeeding and nursing suit?

Nursing Clothes

  1. Choose a breastfeeding suit that has a special cut or access openings in the breast, so that the mother can remove the breast or pump milk easily without attracting the attention of others.
  2. Note the quality of the material. Mother's breastfeeding clothes should be lightweight, absorb sweat, not hot and hypoallergenic. Sweat that sticks to the body makes itchy and uncomfortable, of course this will affect the Little. For comfortable materials mothers can choose cotton and poly spandex.
  3. Choose a breastfeeding suit with a dark color, so the spilled milk stains can be disguised.
  4. Choose a breastfeed that is not too tight and too loose so that the mother feels comfortable.

Apron Breastfeeding or Nursing Cover

Apron feeding into an important breastfeeding device, especially when in public. The breastfeeding apron is a piece of apron-shaped cloth that serves to cover part of the mother's body during breastfeeding. The breastfeeding apron must have three basic functions:

  1. Covering open body parts while breastfeeding. Not only the nipple, but the top and side of the breast was closed. Choose an apron that covers at least 50 percent of the body circumference, allowing the mother to choose various breastfeeding positions. Do not choose apron that is too short and narrow.
  2. The baby can still breathe a sigh of relief. When breastfeeding, the baby will be covered with apron. Choose a lightweight and not stuffy so as to allow good air circulation when the baby closed apron.
  3. Easy to clean. A breastmilk spill, or the remaining vomit (spit) of the baby will stick to the apron. Choose apron that is easy to clean and wash.

Bra Breastfeeding

In addition to breastfeeding and apron clothes, the selection of the right bra can also provide a sense of comfort during breastfeeding. Here are tips on choosing a breastfeeding bra:

  1. Choose a bra that can be opened and closed in the middle that can be opened with one hand. This model bra will make it easier for mom to breastfeed in public.
  2. Choose a bra with the right size and support the breast. A narrow or tight bra will clog the blood vessels and inhibit the flow of milk.
  3. Choose a bra with a strap that is wide enough, so the skin is not easily scratched.
  4. When breastfeeding avoid the use of a bra that has a wire, especially in the early weeks of postpartum because it can make blood flow and milk disturbed.
  5. Choose a cotton bra. This material makes breast skin remains dry and absorbs sweat so it can prevent the growth of bacteria.
  6. Have a bra stock during breastfeeding. When you decide to give exclusive breastfeeding then you need at least three bra. One for you to wear, one in the washing machine and another in the closet (as a backup).

When to buy a breastfeeding bra?

In addition to some of the above things that the mothers have read, then the last important thing that mothers must know is when the right time to buy a breast feeding bra. Should avoid buying a bra early in pregnancy. Breasts will swell after the baby is born. Should buy a bra at the end of pregnancy. Because that's when the size of the breast is closest. Note also the size of the circumference and cup. For example the original size 36 A could be size 36 C.

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