The Advantages of Bollateli Fabrics You Should Know

The Advantages of Bollateli Fabrics You Should Know - Before going further about the material balotelli fabric, friends should know and understand the type of fabric. Balotelli material is actually a textile material classified in cotton cloth.

However, because there are some differences regarding the nature between the two (cotton and balotelli) then many people call it with Balotelli material alone, whereas the original cotton balotelli. 

Nowadays,  many Muslim fashion designer wear this material to make casual gamis, long skirt, formal blouse long pants, hijab and shirt. So these designers can take advantage of the fabric with many types of clothing.

Balotelli Fabric Characteristics

This material has very special characteristics so many people love it. And many applied to make clothes. This material has the characteristics of cloth fibers that are dense, not wandering, its weakness fell, thick but light material when used or used.

Lately this balotelli cloth material much hunted by the Muslim designers or hijabers. Because they assume that already meet the standards of clothing materials that are in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah.

With the properties that have been described above this makes Balotelli has a character that is suitable for made hijab, robe, robes, and other Muslim clothing.

Advantages :

Excess balotelli material when compared with the shortage then very far, one of which is the material is not wandering. This material is in addition to a comfortable texture when worn, the color of the material balotelli also many variations.

This makes this material fabric graceful and beautiful, and it is also a reason why designers love this material to make a muslim or muslimah outfit. This material is also used as a Muslim fashion and worn not showing the curves of the body, so very comfortable of course.

Deficiency :

Besides the advantages, Balotelli this material has a shortage that is not too much and still limited to only reasonable. If you want to know the lack of balotelli fabric that is by feeling and feeling will teksturny. When touched, cotton balotelli material has a slightly coarse texture because there are lines on the texture.

Comparison Balotelli fabric with other materials

Mybe the designers or anyone else you are and more indecisive to determine these two materials that sanagt suitable for use Muslim clothing. Here we will give the advantages and disadvantages of both short, solid, and clear.

And if compared with other types of materials, this balotelli material has a characteristic that is texture lines, when used this material sanagt lightweight, comfortable, not transparent when worn or do not show the curve of the body. And it is lethargic and rich in color choices.

Price balotelli fabric

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