The Characteristics of Woolpeach Fabric You Should Know

The Characteristics of Woolpeach Fabric You Should Know - Wolfis (Wool peach)  material this is a fabric made from a mixture of silk, cotton, and synthetic fibers. This wolfis material in recent years is often discussed by Muslim fashion designers, and Muslim women. But in fact it does not know about the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, materials Wool peach.  

Therefore, in this article I will explain some reviews about the wolfis material. The Wool peach material has a thickness under the jarsey material, so the fabric is relatively lighter and thinner. However, this wolfis material though thin but not transparent.

This is fabric materials are often used to make Moslem or Muslim clothing is apparently have special characteristics and are not owned by fabric in general.

Here is the characteristics of wolfis (woolpeach):


Excessting deficiency of WOOLPEACH

After you know and understand much about the wolfis, from its origins and its characteristics and characteristics. It's time we review more about the advantages and disadvantages of wolfis fabrics.To knowing the advantages and disadvantages, we can find it easier to recognize and distinguish which original wolfis and which are not original. If you have sewing skills and love to make design or design of clothing muslimah. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of wolfis in detail is very important.

Because it can facilitate in deciding the picture or fancy muslimah clothing that will be produced with wolfis material. So it looks more elegant and quality.

  1. Material Wolfis Fabrics More Subtle :The most important advantages of wolfis fabrics are of a finer and more flexible nature. On the surface of this fabric has a smooth texture, resulting in a soft feeling on the skin.
  2. Material Wolfis Fabric Not Easy to Tangle : By wearing a clothing Muslim fashion wolfis. Making the care of Muslim clothing becomes easier, because it is not easily tired and crumpled. In addition, this wolfis clothing Muslim fashion does not require a more special and exclusive treatment.
  3. Material Thick and Non-transparent Fabrics :Moslem clothing is a clothing worn to cover the limbs of a woman's limbs, except both palms and face.
  4. Mass (Weight) Material of Light Wolfis Fabrics :Although wolfis fabric thick, but this material has a light mass. So it is not burdensome for users when wearing and when washed is also very light.
  5. The price is Affordable : Wolfis material sold in the market (online or offline) with a relatively cheap and affordable price. So that can be purchased by various circles, ranging from upper class, middle, even to lower class.
  6. Have Many Color Options : As a woman, seeing color is an interesting and fascinating variety. This is also true when looking at clothing materials that will be worn. Where more and more color choices will make the women will be more interested to wear it.