Differences between Blacu and Canvas Fabric Materials

Differences between Blacu and Canvas Fabric Materials

custom.ph - Fabric materials are increasingly diverse as fashion and niche markets grow more specific. For some handicrafts as well as handbags, shoes, wallets, and other accessories, many use blazers and canvas. Some people still do not understand what is the difference between a cloth with a canvas cloth that is sometimes used in the same product.


Blacu fabrics are derivative fabrics of mori type fabrics with slightly roughish fibers. Mori fabrics are known as white woven fabrics made of cotton and usually worn by craftsmen as batik making materials.

There are at least two types of mori fabrics circulating in the market, namely mori fabrics that have not been through the process of bleaching and mori fabric that has been done bleaching or bleaching process. The unassigned mori fabric is called the blaze cloth, so the color is not a smooth white but ivory white.


If you are looking for canvas cloth then people will show you a painted canvas cloth, but that is just one type of canvas fabric. Because there are other types of so-called baby canvas that have the advantages of fabric fibers are more subtle and not rigid. In contrast to painted canvas fabric that has a rough and thick texture.

By using a canvas cloth, handicraft products such as handbags and purses will look more premium than using a more rough and rigid blacu fabric. For that if you plan to make handicrafts that have a higher selling value in the market, you should use this type of canvas fabric

Differences in Blacu and Canvas Fabrics

The main difference that we can see from finished products derived from these two materials is on the thickness and price side. The blacu bag is thinner and slightly rougher when held, while the canvas fabric feels thicker and smoother. In addition, the price of cheaper fabric is cheaper than canvas which is a bit expensive.

Such is the description of the difference between the blazer and the canvas fabric which I can give briefly. Hope can help you readers who are looking for the right fabric for unique and beautiful creations of course.

Canvas material made of cotton base material combined with linen. At first, the use of canvas material is widely applied to the media painting. It was only in the days of the world war when it needed hard and strong material for the material of military clothes and equipment, the material of the canvas began to ogled.

The use of the canvas was still limited to the parka jacket material for the air force, and the infantry backpacks. In its development, canvas material increasingly crowded used for field equipment, such as tents, adventure jackets, and various equipment.

The development of fashion in the end brings the canvas to the wider realm, in addition to military equipment and adventure, now canvas material is also widely used for old-fashioned vintage / retro jackets and bags.

For the price of canvas blacu you can get with a very affordable price, that is: