Round Cushion Pillow and The General Pillow Through The Time

Round Cushion Pillow and The General Pillow Through The Time - Speaking of pillows, everyone knows what it's functioning for. And all know not si, if the development of the world of decoration also occurs on the pillow. Yes if you all do not know yet, there is interesting information that is round pillow model and its development from time to time. Interesting is not it, let's read more.

Pillow development history

During the industrial revolution (1750-1850), the textile industry developed rapidly. Pillows also experienced development. At that time the pillow began to be given beautiful decorations. Pillows became industry and spread all over the world.

Now the contents of the pillow more varied. Not only goose feathers, there are also pillows containing kapok, grains, dakron, wind, and water. The function of the pillow was not just as a headband during sleep.

Now there are cushions for decoration. There are also health pillows to suffer from asthma or utuk prevent people snoring. There is also a pillow to support the neck or back. This pillow is very helpful to reduce the stiffness in the long journey.

The pillow shape is now not just a square. There is a round, star, and stuffed animal. The colors are beautiful. Very funny.

Round Decorative Pillows + Create your own design

After reading some of the pillow developments in the industrial world, surely many things can make some profit. One of the advantages that can be utilized here is, with the creation of their own design pillows various models.

For those of you who are doing decorating the room , then with the decoration of your own design, then the results of your desired decoration will be realized in an instant.

Forget about your old ways of always buying decorative materials such as pillows at random on the market. Leave it all to yourself, start designing your home decoration then give it to us, we will do it very easily and quality.

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The price we offer starts from ? 400.00, while for the 6 day express service. For working time of 12 working days and we also accept dropshiper service. For minimum order each design is 5 pcs.

Just a few steps you can make your design real, namely; choose product - upload design - payment confirmation - item delivery.

As a final note for you, that is Final result of product size tolerance is 2-3 cm. Gives a 2-8 cm gap (depend on the product) between the design and pattern to avoid being cut by stitching. Cut design is beyond our responsibility.

For bulk order, it is highly recommended to make a sample in advance. We are not responsible if the result is cut by stitching.