Polo T-shirt, Simple Item for Casual Smart Outfit

Polo T-shirt, Simple Item for Casual Smart Outfit

Polo T-shirt, Simple Item for Casual Smart Outfit

Many experiments can be tested when you have an item that is categorized into the versatile item like polo t-shirt. This collared t-shirt often used in a casual but formal event. The simple cut t-shirt with collar and button details give a neat impression even though worn in a casual occasion. Each person must own at least one of this thick but comfortable t-shirt for one time or regular use. Because of its suitability with every occasion, this t-shirt is really great to be worn for casual smart outfit.

Before digging deeper about polo-shirt and its ability in giving never dies style, it is better to take a look at casual smart terminology. The casual smart phrase is generally used as dress code for art show of festival. Even though artist often looks unusual but in a more formal event they will dress as formal as they can. Casual smart is suitable to be chosen to go to this kind of event.

Some Casual Smart Outfit Ideas You Can Try

- Shirt and Sweater

Shirt is truly formal item. It is usually worn at work environment and or formal occasion. Matching it with sweater makes the formal vibe a little bit reduced by the warm sweater. The best to try is the crewneck type. Wearing crewneck sweater will make the whole shirt covered except the collar. This collar is the key of the smart impression you will get.

- Casual White Shirt and Slim Long Tie

Casual white shirt is the most formal one. Often used in formal occasion and completed with tie and black tuxedo. Generally this outfit is worn by the executives but by only matching white shirt with bottom jeans pant or slim fit black pant with slim fit tie will give a neat but energetic impression.

- T-shirt and formal pants

Jeans and chino pants usually become the bottom item suitable worn with t-shirt. The fact is wearing t-shirt with the lower side covered by the formal pants will gives a calm but easy going effect. This style is great to be word for a casual smart dress code event.

- T-shirt and Blazer

Either you wear t-shirt with jeans pant or with chino pant, covering your upper body with casual style blazer automatically makes you look smart and fashionable. Blazer is a must have item everyone should have to show a serious but approachable impression.

- Polo and formal pants

For the ones who like being simple, wearing polo t-shirt and formal pants is enough. The budget to get this casual smart outfit is also affordable. You can choose any formal pant from your wardrobe and buy one polo t-shirt. To avoid a boring usage, you can try online custom polo t-shirt service.

Historical Path of Polo T-shirt

- It was a sport t-shirt

Polo t-shirt is a sporty item that was used in sport like tennis and golf. As the era developing, polo t-shirt is now used by everyone in any occasion and see no ages, starting from children to adult all available.

- Casual smart style

Indeed, sporty vibe is what this t-shirt offer, it is strongly related to the historical story it carries in the previous point. Now, polo t-shirt is widely used for daily activities. For you who want to go on a vacation like an executive, it will be great to wear this t-shirt with formal pants.

- As promotion media

There are many ways all marketer use to promote the products they sell. Printing company logo or even brand on a t-shirt media is one of them. Polo-shirt screen printing becomes an option that cannot be seen with bird’s eyes. Brand name, official website, and social media account are used to be printed on polo t-shirt for promotion purpose.

Types of Polo T-shirt You Need to Know!

- Regular polo t-shirt, this t-shirt has regular cut with short sleeve, 2 or 3 front button, and surely its unique collar. It is available in sizes ranging from children up to adults.

- Slim fit polo t-shirt, this t-shirt is specially designed for you who has a slim body. When wearing the regular polo is too big, slim fit polo t-shirt is the absolute solution.

- Long sleeve polo t-shirt, this type can be said as rare to wear but easy to get. It is usually worn when the weather is cold as an alternative to sweater item. It also used by hijabi women who want to still look stylish with polo t-shirt but still modest.

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