Make Creation of Pillowcase with Modern Quilt Technique

Make Creation of Pillowcase with Modern Quilt Technique

custom.phAre you happy to see colorful pillowcases on the couch? In addition to providing a sense of comfort, pillowcases on the couch can also be a support element of the beauty of your home interior decoration.

During this pillowcase is made from a kind of linen, cotton, or patchwork with a variety of patterns. Starting from flower patterns, animals, dolls, and much more.

But do you know that pillowcases can be made using modern quilts?

The modern quilt is a new form of traditional quilt art. Making pillowcases with modern quilts actually existed during the 20th century. The quirky quilt differences in other ways, visible from engineering workmanship, tools, and cloth sepsifikasi.

In addition, the distinction is also evident from the use of decisive colors and motifs, simplicity, unusual placement of cloth pieces, the application of large empty areas, to irregular pattern of suture stitches.

To get this modern quilt pillowcase, you can buy it in furniture stores. But, happy news is, it turns out you can make this modern quilt pillow case itself.

Let's Make Your Own Pillowcase!

In addition you can choose the style with the heart, you can also create a mix of interior decorating your home.

Step 1 : Prepare a number of linen cloths with different motifs

- The first stage, measuring the main linen.

- Measure the second linen cloth to the edge of the pillowcase.

You can buy two or three cloth linen fabrics at a fabric store that can be sold metered. The three fabrics are divided to serve as the main or basic fabric, the upper edge of the fabric, and the combination of the main fabric.

The size of the main linen cloth is usually 27 inches long or 68.58cm. And for the second cloth used for the top edge, you need about 9 inches or 22.86cm. As for the combination of cloth tailored to the desire of the motive you want to make. In this article suppose the third fabric has a smaller size that is 2 inches or 5.08cm.

Step 2 : Heat the edges and the main sides of the fabric

- Side heated pillowcases using clothes iron.

Before stitched to be combined, it helps you heat the edges and the main side of the fabric using a shirt iron. Given, this linen material is not difficult to iron, you do not need to linger, just 2-3 minutes.

Step 3 :

- Sewing while using a baste skewer

In order for the results of a neat stitch, before the fabric is sewn using a machine, you can sew using a kind of prick (temporary puncture) starting from right to left.

Step 4 :

- Sew using a machine, and you glue the sides of the fabric using a clamp of clothes.

After the joint edge of the fabric has been sealed with a baste stick, you can directly sew it using sewing mesih. At the time of stitching, a little suggestion to avoid shifting, you can clip the edges of the fabric using a clothes clamp.

And do this for both sides and for the back of the fabric. Why? Because the pillowcase will be folded from the back of the cloth.

Step 5 :

- Wear buttons with diameters corresponding to buttons.

Once the edge of the fabric has been sewn, you can try to form a pillowcase with a foam wrap pillow.

Later you will be easy to know where the buttons sticking adhesive. Then, after knowing the position of the buttonhole, you can make a buttonhole.

The width is adjusted to the diameter of the buttons you have. Then, scissor to hole. After that, the side of the hole is sewn using a flat pin.

Finishing :

- The end result of the finished pillowcase.

And, look at the results! Modern quilt pillow case is ready and ready to use. This is the creation of a beautiful modern quilt pillowcase that you can apply at home.