How Muslim Shirt Get Along with The Current Modern Fashion

How Muslim Shirt Get Along with The Current Modern Fashion - Muslim is an inseparable word of Islam (religion). Therefore, we should understand the meaning of Muslim words before wearing Muslim clothes. Islam teaches its adherents about the benefits of covering Aurat for both men and women.

Aurat from the navel to the ankle, while the woman from head to foot, but this woman's nakedness is more specific because of its natural sense: men are created with greater desire than women in sexual matters.

Many of Muslim dress that indulgence in Aurat lately, such as blouse of Muslim blouse with tight jeans. These clothes do not have the function to cover the Aurat, so the clothes can’t be said as Muslim clothes.

How Muslim Shirt Get Along with The Modern Fashion?

In designing a Muslim dress or in making a veiled tutorial video, it is advisable to understand the meaning of the word CLOTH and MUSLIM first, because in dressing we should not violate the rules of good what the benefits of clothes and especially the rules of Islam which if we violate it will lose itself.

MUSLIM CLOTHING CLOTHES: Nowadays there are so many variations. Women wear Muslim clothes. Formerly Muslim clothing model is very little and averages used for mother, but now with many models of Moslem fashion more and more also women who want to use Muslim clothes. Many interesting models give the influence to help women to look beautiful but by fulfilling the Islamic Shari'a

THE MODERN MUSLIM CLOTHES: The model of Muslim clothes for 2012 is dominated by a blend of bright colours. In previous years, the designers usually use neutral colours such as brown, beige or white, but at this time there are so many Muslim clothes with colourful colours that make the user look visible ceria. The motif that is used today for modern Muslim clothes is a unique motif that was never used for the designers for fear no one bought.motif unique motifs Muslim clothes are currently in great demand by the team because it has a different impression.

CLOTHES MODERN MUSLIM FOR EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Moslem clothes today are not only used during religious recitation or ceremony only. Muslim shirts can be used for any purposes. There are many of models of Muslim clothes that are specially made for work or some specially made for events such as weddings or to the party. women are also often who use Muslim clothes just to play with friends or just hang out. Nothing to be cunfused about Muslim clothes are suitable for you because the designers have made Muslim clothes with a variety of colours and motifs.

How to make a Muslim fashion with your own design
Now you can order or buy a muslim fashion in various kinds of printing shirts, especially those that accept their own designs. There you can customize the desired Muslim clothes either long sleeve or short according to your wishes and needs. In addition, you can also choose materials or fabrics of choice from the ones we have provided such as Cavalli and Bowden.

Cavalli is a coloured fabric doff that gives the impression of luxury and elegance is not excessive. Then there is Bowden material, Bowden is a 100% polyester soft, thin, transparent, do-it-yourself, soft-coloured doff fabric. There is also a Helmia cloth, velvety textured satin produces an elegant doff colour.