Does Every Parts Of Your Shirt Has Function? You Shoud Know!

Does Every Parts Of Your Shirt Has Function? You Shoud Know! - Generally men are very fond of the name of a casual fashion, but many men who misunderstand. Desired in choosing a casual shirt style, many men are mistaken in choosing or buying. Actually, the thing to be straightened out here is, we as a man must understand in advance what is the meaning of the real shirt.

The word 'shirt' comes from the Portuguese word 'camisa' which means a shirt or an upper garment, especially for men. These clothes cover the hands, shoulders, chest to the abdomen. In general, collared and front-buttoned, made of cotton, linen and so on (there is a long-sleeved, short-sleeved).

Kind of Shirt that you should know other than a casual shirt, among others, there are “Formal Shirt / Dress Shirt”. Formal Shirt / Dress Shirt is a shirt used for formal or formal occasions. Formal shirts are designed to wear with a jacket/blazer and tie, but can also be worn without both. This shirt has a different piece when compared with a casual shirt.

If you already understand the explanation of a formal shirt, it will certainly be able to distinguish it from a casual shirt. And while the explanation of men's casual shirts is a short-sleeved shirt that means including the type of casual shirt. This shirt is designed to be worn with unbuttoned neck and looks weird when wearing a tie.

Does Every Parts Of Your Shirt Has Function?

To be able to help you in choosing a casual shirt style you get pay a attention to some of the following things below:
1. Collar
This one is the most important part of the shirt, there are various types of the collar like a button-down collar, pointed collar, spread collar, pin and tab collar and others. Each collar type determines the level of formality of an event and is also adapted to the shape of the face.
2. Sleeve
Short-sleeved shirts are generally used for casual events. Although any long-sleeved shirt is not necessary for a formal occasion. In choosing a shirt, it is rather difficult to find a shirt with an arm that fits our size, especially a long-sleeved shirt.
3. Cuff
Although the shape is small, this one part is very important. In addition to the collar, a cuff is one piece that is visible when we wear a suit for formal or formal events. The size of the cuff should be longer about 1-1.5 inches from the jacket. There are several models of a cuff that can be tried, ranging from the standard or other variations.
4. Placket
Most formal and casual shirts have this one part. As can be seen in the picture, the placket is located on the left front with there are several buttonhole holes that line up vertically.
5. Yoke
A yoke is a shirt piece of material that connects the front and back shirts, but also to cover the bones of our shoulders. There are two models of a yoke, one-piece yoke and two-piece yoke. Formal shirts usually use one-piece yoke.
6. Pleat
As we know, the back of a man is not flat. Therefore, many of the back of the shirt is designed with a pleat that serves to adjust the posture of our back. There are two kinds of pleats that friends can see meet, namely pleat box and side pleat. But many shirts are designed without pleat.

Additional tips on buying casual shirts
In conclusion, you can get casual shirt anywhere. But the choice is less precise will result in a less good taste of fashion. To note is do not wear a shirt with a print design that is too crowded. That would be very annoying.

Wear an ordinary shirt with lines forming a box. Choose colours that have red or blue shades. You can also choose an alternative by using a place that provides your own custom shirt, you can find it on google.