Do Your Slum Dunk in Your Own Design Vneck Basketball Jersey

Do Your Slum Dunk in Your Own Design Vneck Basketball Jersey - All sports need jersey and so does the basketball sports. The main reason is to make the team and basketball players become compact and uniformed. For those of you lovers of basketball world who like to play it with your team, you can get a basketball jersey with a lot of variant and of course at an affordable price.

The function of the jersey in basketball is not just for the time of the game, even you can use it in the exercise. And do not rule out the possibility for those of you who like a basketball jersey, you can be it used at a time when being a relaxing or playing together with friends.

In the market or online store. jersey basketball, many already sell it in ready-made model and there is also in your own custom design basket jersey.

Design Basketball Jersey V-Neck

The basketball jersey design is available for the V-neck model, and this model is the most preferred by basketball players. But to the get the basketball jersey design to your liking, it is recommended to do your own design and submit it to custom design basketball jersey.

And to get good results from custom design jersey basketball. You should It's choose to make jersey using microfiber material.

There are of many custom jersey basketball design services, such as at, and they are in the making using microfiber materials.


Microfiber is the terminology used to describe very fine fibers and mentions for this fiber development technology. Fabrics made from these extra-fine threads produce a very soft touch, in the form of towels, mop and many other applications such as, bath robe, baby towel, etc.

Many definitions of microfiber but most say in generic terms as threads that have a fineness measure of less than 1 denier per filament. The mention of microfiber refers to the technology of fine fiber development which is only 0.006 mm in diameter which means 10 times finer than silk, 30 times of cotton, 40 times of wool, and 100 times of human hair.

Basketball Jersey V-Neck   

Basketball Jersey V-neck is a model jersey that has the shape of the letter "v" on the neck, and different from o-neck jersey that looks like a round-oval. V-Neck is a model with the letters "v" and become very popular among basketball players.

Already you know that what microfiber material ? Well, in the design and manufacture of basketball jersey is highly recommended using this type of material. Because of the result will be is better and that comfortable when it is worn.

The main advantage if you use a custom design jersey basketball provider is that you will get good results good, because;

  1. T-shirts like the bottom, the ends of the arms, the joints between the arms and the body, the joints between the body and the neck, all sewn neatly and strongly.
  2. Many provide several choices of variants of basketball jersey. Different patterns for men, women and children. Choice of Vneck and O-neck to basketball pants. You can place orders for one team or unit only.
  3. The combination of an experienced tailor, sophisticated machine, high quality ink, high quality materials, and your design will produce a jersey that makes you look it’s ok.