Differences Between Tote Bag Canvas With Tote Bag Blacu

Differences Between Tote Bag Canvas With Tote Bag Blacu

custom.ph - Fashion lovers wherever you are, maybe among you all already understand and know that what is a high-quality canvas tote bag with a tote bag made from blacu. But for some consumers, maybe don't know this details.

Before knowing 2 things difference bag of this material. We'd better all know the same about what is "tote bag". A tote bag is a bag that has a tote and fabric can be made of canvas or blacu. In the market, many sell a variety of tote bag products, from the cheapest to expensive price though.

For the price of an expensive tote bag, consumers usually make it as a gift, souvenir, or souvenirs. Because tote bag is expensive price generally, have quality but the level of durability and smoothness better than a cheap tote bag.

Differences Between Tote Bag Canvas With Tote Bag Blacu

Canvas fabric
Basically, this canvas fabric is more identical in the world of painting. Because this canvas cloth is actually one type of fabric to paint that has a rather thick and rough texture.

In the manufacture of bags usually, wear a kind of baby canvas cloth that has a fibre cloth is softer and smoother. And therefore, by using cloth baby canvas in making handicraft products such as tote bags, the quality is higher when compared with handicraft products made using the material of the fabric.

Blacu fabric
As for this type of calico fabric is a type of material derived from the derivative type of fabric material that is characteristic of more coarse fibre.

In the industrial world, mori fabric is usually used as a woven fabric to make goods or handicraft products such as batik.
In the market, the mori fabric consists of 2 types of them;

  1. Cloth mori that has gone through the bleaching process, and
  2. The mori fabric that has not yet passed the bleaching process and this material is called ivory white ivory fabric.

Differences between canvas and blacu can be seen from fabric thickness and price.

The difference between these two fabrics is from the thickness of the fabric and also the price. For tote bags made of fabric, then when touched will be a little rougher and texture thinner material.

And if the tote bag made from canvas it looks thicker and the texture of the fabric feels smoother. In terms of price, you will see the difference, that more canvas tote bags have a fairly expensive price.

Tote bag with your own design
In addition, you are familiar with the tote bag with the two materials already described above. So for anyone you want to create a tote bag with your own design. So this is also you can do, and the way is very easy you do not need hard to prepare fabric materials.

You just need to make the design as you want, then we will make the design using materials that we provide. For the type of materials we provide, you can choose according to the characteristics of the materials and price list that we have attached.

You do not have to worry about the time of work because your design will be done by our experienced personnel. We have several branches spread in various countries and big city.