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Often referred to as timeless and lower-cost fashion items, t-shirts can be worn by adults and kids in most parts of the world. Different types of t-shirts in various shopping places with each of its uniqueness can often serve as items to enhance appearances in various casual settings.

Currently-Trending T-Shirt

Despite the many types of t-shirts that are found in various shopping places, these are some of the currently-trending t-shirt types that we should be mindful of:

  1. Gildan t-shirts, which come with ultra or premium cotton, V-neck, and long sleeve choices, are up-to-date-styled t-shirts that are usually worn by adults in doing daily activities in tropical settings.
  2. Polo shirts that come with easy care or premium cotton and full- or non-full-printed variations, are collared 2-buttoned t-shirts that are most popular to be worn when moving around at tropical places since these t-shirts can absorb sweats.
  3. Raglan t-shirts, or sometimes called “Raglan 20s”, are DIY t-shirts for adults that can be worn in various casual settings, including those involving sports, due to its soft fabric fibers that are able to absorb sweats.
  4. Full-print t-shirts, which come with either V- or O-neck variations, are elegant and trendy t-shirts that are durable to be used on several occasions.
  5. Tank-tops, whether they are men-only, women standard tank-tops, or women’s racerback tank tops, are loose yet strong t-shirt types to be worn on fashion occasions and to protect from excessive sweating.

Custom Printed T-Shirt

We should keep in mind for these rules for the custom printed t-shirt in order for currently-trending t-shirts to always rock in casual situations:

  1. Gildan t-shirts tend to have single-colored backgrounds and one picture combinations than other types of t-shirts. It is not unusual to find Gildan t-shirts with only one small-to-medium-sized picture among the entire solid color background.
  2. Polo shirts, like Gildan t-shirts, tend to have single-colored backgrounds if not fully printed, or single pattern with around two color gradations if fully-printed. Even though not every polo shirt variations have printed logo, some polo shirt variations have the mark labels on its front and back sides.
  3. Raglan t-shirts are also similar to Gildan t-shirts in terms of its simple “one-picture” designs. However, Raglan t-shirts tend to have larger-sized pictures as well as white color background at the center and dark or light colors, such as blue, red, green, or black, on both of its sleeves and neck parts. Often times, Raglan t-shirts also come with convincing messages.
  4. Tank-tops usually have dynamic colors’, patterns’, and/or texts’ combinations. Men’s tank-tops have brighter, but stronger combination than women’s standard or racer back tank-tops that often come with softer images.
  5. For full-print t-shirts, it is important to choose no more than 3 colors for the base designs to avoid them from being “too crowded”. Using a picture on its center is also acceptable.

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