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Jerseys or sports wears are known to be specific fashion items for various types of sports. Thus, jerseys’ styles need to be adjusted to the sports’ types. On the other hand, it is important for sporting people with jerseys to look sharp in various jersey designs.

Types of Jerseys

Jerseys’ or sports wears’ types are unique depending on the sports. These are the types of jerseys that you must keep in mind:

Football jerseys are often used in football, soccer, or futsal sports. Football jerseys’ shirts and pants usually differ between players’ shorter-sleeved O- or V-neck shirts and short pants and goalkeepers’ sometimes longer-sleeved shirts and long pants.

  1. Basketball jerseys, types of jerseys that are often used for playing basketball games, always come as a set of O- or V-neck sleeveless shirts and short pants.
  2. Running shirts, or running jerseys, are usually a set of O-neck shirts and short pants to accommodate running or jogging purposes.
  3. Cycling jerseys are used by cyclists whenever they are cycling. Those jerseys’ uniqueness lies in short or long-sleeved shirts that you can choose.
  4. Fishing jerseys for fishing hobbyists are not only long-sleeved shirts, but also come with unique band and standing collars to increase confidence while fishing.
  5. Jersey badminton for badminton purposes is usually catchy in both short and long-sleeved shirts.
  6. MMA rash guards, with its short or long-sleeved shirts or fight pants, are not only for MMA but also suitable for cycling and many other sporting activities.
  7. Muay Thai shorts are short-only jerseys that are used by common and professional people to perform in Muay Thai kickboxing sports.
  8. Jersey volleyballs for volleyball purposes have uniqueness in its sleeveless to short-sleeve shirts, in combination with short pants.

Custom Printed Jerseys

In order for sports’ jerseys’ wearers to perform well during sports training and/or competition, jerseys need to be stylish as well as comfortable and durable. These are how you can make your custom jerseys more eye-catching while still strengthening our teams’ solidarities:

  1. Sports-themed pictures and firmer-designed patterns, such as triangular or linear patterns, are necessary for custom printed jerseys to accentuate its main function, which is to serve different types of sports from football, soccer, futsal, basketball, running, cycling, fishing, badminton, MMA, Muay Thai kickboxing, to volleyballs.
  2. Use different colors and patterns. Make sure your jerseys’ colors and patterns stand out from the other teams, so it will be easier for the audiences to notice our teams’ presences.
  3. Add small-sized logo. One person or team usually has one unique logo. While sponsorship logos can exist, make sure your jerseys have a unique logo that everyone can notice.
  4. Mix and match with appropriate fashion outfits and accessories. This is true especially for jerseys that only come with a shirt, such as cycling, fishing, badminton, or some of MMA rash guards. Training trousers, hand band accessories, and various types of sporting hats are usually the appropriate ones. Muay Thai shorts, however, are fine with its shorts-only outfits during the kickboxing sessions.
  5. Jerseys that are meant for team sports, such as football, volleyball, or basketball jerseys, need to have numbers at the backside to differentiate between players’ positions. For example, in football jerseys, number one is always for goalkeepers, while key players usually wear number seven, ten, or eleven.

As long as we pay attention to those points stated above, we will be one step closer to create our own custom printed jerseys. is able to answer your needs in decorating your personalized jerseys, choosing your own jersey’s sizes, and literally doing everything you wish for your jerseys in only one website. is A One-Stop Place to Create Your Own Custom Printed Jersey

There are options to choose your own sizes and online design simulators to design your own jerseys on its front and back sides using your uploaded patterns or our different kinds of themes. On the same website, there is a Zendesk-powered live chat option with our customer service teams in case you have questions or confused about how to design. Once you have paid, click on the “Payment Confirmation” menu to confirm your payment directly from our website. See? An easy and efficient one-stop place. Go on; create your custom printed jerseys with us!