Casual Feminine Style with Full print T-shirt Dress

Casual Feminine Style with Full print T-shirt Dress

Casual Feminine Style with Full print T-shirt Dress

Women t-shirt dress is a dress inspired by t-shirt and dress. The upper shape is like casual t-shirt usually worn daily but the lower side is long down to the knee shaping a skirt. This item is suitable for anyone who wants to appear feminine but still trendy and casual yet simple. Combining it with accessories is also easy. Read fully till the end!

Fashion Accessories to Support Your Look while Wearing Full print T-shirt Dress

Basically, t-shirt dress is an item that can stand alone. That is why we provide here some fashion accessories that can be worn to enhance your appearance while wearing this dress:

Statement necklace

Put on a statement necklace, a necklace with big beads that will complete your simple and casual look with the full print dress. For the types, you can match it with the colors and the women dress design. Women dress with soft and nice dominant color can be worn with a brave statement necklace with many blinking beads.

Big bracelet

Besides necklace, big bracelet also can be your appearance sweetener when you wear custom dress. The bracelet with enough contrast color from the skin color will give a complement to your whole look.


Days are start to windy or even raining but you want to wear a dress? Take a long pashmina that can be used as scarf or shawl to cover your neck.

Tips How to Wash Full print T-shirt Dress

The durability and your trendy appearance with full print dress is started from how you keep its cleanliness. It is sure can be kept with washing it right after you wear it the whole day. Here are some tips you can follow when washing the full print t-shirt dress:

Use only pure soft detergent. Detergent with mixed chemical like bleacher can rapidly damage the original color of the dress. Pay attention the detergent ingredients of its packaging before using one. Never feel regretting and jaw dropping when look at your custom dress color has changed when you wash it or when you are about to wear it. If you do not want that kind of nightmare happens to you, take note of the first tips.

The cohesiveness of full print ink and dress has a strong level. You can wash t-shirt dress with washing machine in soft mode. Beside you also can wash it by the hands, soft rubbing will keep the design from any damages. It is highly recommended for you to reverse the inside out while washing so one is rubbed only the outside not one with printed ink design.

Before drying the t-shirt dress, reduce the absorbed water volume by squeezing it. Give a soft strength while squeezing it. Do it while prevent not to damage the shape and fabric.

Untuk menjemur item baju dress fullprint kamu bisa menggunakan hanger. Jemurlah dibawah paparan matahari dengan catatan bagian dengan design masih berada di dalam. Selain kucekan yang kuat, paparan sinar matahari yang terus menerus juga dikahawatirkan akan membuat warna design pudar dengan cepat. Angkat jemuran saat benar-benar kering dan tidak lembab. Mengangkatnya dalam keadaan lembab akan menghadirkan bau apek tidak

sedap saat disimpan, disetrika, dan juga saat dipakai. Bau ini selain mengganggu pemakai, juga mengganggu orang-orang sekitar.

To dry the full print t-shirt dress, use hanger. Dry it under sunlight exposure with the design area still reversed inside. Not only the strong rubbing, continuous sunlight exposure also be feared will make the design fade away quickly. Take it inside when it is totally dry and not humid. Stopping the drying when it is still humid will invite a musty smell when it is being stored, ironed, and also when it is worn. This smell not only disturbs the wearer but also other peoples around you.

Before put it in the wardrobe to be hung or folded, you can iron the inside of full print t-shirt dress. Then take the hanger to hang it or fold it tidy to be stack with other items.

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