Be Unique with Custom Bags! Print Your Own Design with Us!

Be Unique with Custom Bags! Print Your Own Design with Us!

Be Unique with Custom Bags! Print Your Own Design with Us!


Most people wear bags for shopping, schooling, or travelling purposes. Some other, especially women, tend to wear bags to enhance their appearances. Whatever the purposes are, every type of bags is useful for securing belongings, with different capacities depending on the sizes.

Types of Bags

These are different types of bags to secure people’s belongings for their different purposes:

  1. Tote bags that are divided into the usual tote bags and canvas tote bags are timeless and popular bag types for serving both travelling and seminar, promotional, band concert, and festival-related purposes.
  2. Two-side small handbags are one of the most currently-trending handbags for travelling purposes with its reversibility as its strongest point.
  3. Drawstring bags, or the alternatives of rucksacks, are frequently used for women’s fashion bags, teenagers’ school bags, or to accompany in sporting-related activities.
  4. Women’s sling bags, as one of the most popular custom bags for women to hang-out to various malls and enhance their dating and dinner experiences. The alternative variations for men and teenagers are school status bags for schooling purposes and laptop status bags for keeping a laptop and other equipment inside.
  5. Luggage or suitcases, the two bag types that are frequently used by travelers abroad, especially when they travel by plane or carry many belongings.
  6. Slouch bags, the fashionable alternatives for luggage and suitcases for traveling women to appear more attractive.

Custom Printed Bags

Different types of bags serve different purposes. Since all of the purposes are for outing activities, it is important for bags to have attractive custom designs. The points below state on what designs should present in custom printed bags, along with its optimal sizes and/or places in each bags:

  1. Tote bags or canvas tote bags often have either a larger picture with clearer colors often have smaller or thinner fonts, or larger and/or thicker text fonts might have larger pictures on the background as silhouettes.
  2. Reversible two-sided handbags will have different text and picture combinations each one at its front and back side.
  3. Drawstring bags often have large-sized and bright picture themes as well as colorful backgrounds. Picture themes in custom drawstring bags range from sporty, school, or even anime themes since it is also widely used for teenagers to attend school and sports activities as well as fashion bags for women.
  4. Sling bags’ custom designs are divided into two alternatives. School or laptop status bags, like its name, have larger spaces for texts that identify the wearers’ personalities or values, and smaller spaces for patterns or small-sized pictures. However, regular women sling bags tend to have larger areas of pictures or patterns and smaller areas of texts.
  5. Luggage and suitcases are not enough on merely printing larger-sized texts about the owners’ names. Instead, most luggage and suitcases have clearer and brighter color background and a few of small-to-medium-sized pictures to prevent loss, especially when travelling abroad by plane.
  6. Slouch bags, the attractive bags for women, are pretty with many full-printed pictures, textures, or even merely texts in its doff-printed color backgrounds.

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Be Unique with Custom Bags! Print Your Own Design with Us!

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