5 Types of Widely Used Materials for Children T-shirts

5 Types of Widely Used Materials for Children T-shirts

custom.ph - Currently, the world of printing t-shirts is no longer intended only for teens only. The world of t-shirt printing is available for children, no wonder if the world of children's t-shirts printing is currently in demand in the market.

This high demand of orders, not only printing of children's t-shirts only, but ranging from plain children's t-shirts, and kids cartoon t-shirts are also being favoured by children. The world market share of t-shirts is not a lonely business opportunity for the buyer, even more, and more the demand.

But as new businesses or consumers. We recommend that you learn some type of shirts of children, so when starting a business or when buying does not happen disappointment.

T-shirts are the most common type of clothing worn by children and adults. In addition to practical, T-shirts are also more comfortable worn by children and suitable for all conditions and activities. Now, t-shirt design is more diverse. There are t-shirts with character motifs, cartoons to religious designs.

5 Types of Materials Used for Children's Shirts

1. Cotton
Cotton is the most widely used t-shirt material for children's t-shirt production. Cotton is divided into 2 kinds of materials that are differentiated by the thread maker, between:
• Cotton Combed: Cotton Combination is the type of cotton most often used as a t-shirt. This is because this type of cotton has a fine fibre so it will feel comfortable when worn and of course can sweat well. Besides being used as a t-shirt, cotton is also often used as a material t-shirt distro.
• Cotton Carded: In contrast to combed cotton, cardboard cotton is rarely used as a t-shirt. Although the type of yarn used is almost the same but unfortunately, the appearance of threads and knits are not well ordered so as to make the appearance of a t-shirt is not neat.
2. Teteron Cotton (TC)
This material is more commonly known as TC T-shirts, so called because this material is made from Comben Cotton mixture of 35% and the remaining 65% of polyester (teteron) material. Of course, because the mixture, the quality of the material is not as good as cotton. This t-shirt material does not absorb sweat so well that the user will easily feel hot and moist on the skin surface.
3. Cotton Viscose (CVC)
This type of cotton is also known as CVC, is a mixture of Cotton Combed 55% and Viscose 45%. Viscose cotton is also comfortable worn by the child because the material is easy to absorb sweat, in addition to the level of shrinkage is smaller than the pure cotton shirt even though it has been washed too much.
4. Polyester (PE)
This t-shirt material is made from artificial fibre which is then processed into fibre poly fiber material. Because it is made from this as well as synthetic, so the nature of the PE material is hot so it will be very uncomfortable when worn. Therefore, children are not recommended to wear clothes / shirts made of PE material.
5. Hyget
Hyget is the thinnest material compared to other t-shirts. This type of material is also commonly used for making party campaign shirts and so forth.